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Alex Hummingson is a multi-awarded and critically acclaimed composer, performer, singer and writer with experience as e.g. a recording artist for Sony Music Entertainment Sweden. As a composer, Hummingson has collaborated with the likes of Sony/ATV Music Publishing Poland. She has studied musicology, music, acting, neuroscience, and history of ideas at e.g. the London Film Academy, Uppsala University and the TVI Actors Studio New York. Hummingson’s academic work includes research of female film music composers in Hollywood as well as presence - consciousness in music performance. In 2009, Hummingson received an Everyday Hero Award from the magazine Amelia, and prior to that, an award and scholarship from the Dialog-89 Foundation for her “continuous commitment to society and her questioning of current ideals in her provocative performance art and her authorship”. Hummingson’s voice acting credits include The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and Hummingson continues to be a highly active voice actress. Active on both sides of the Atlantic, she is moving into production roles and focusing on telling stories through creativity. Currently writing her first novel and recording new songs in the studio, Hummingson believes that expressing yourself through art is very important and if you can't express your art in one way, then find another, particularly in these times.

23 January 2021, 09:00 PM

Alex Hummingson: Diary of a younger self

A talk by Alex Hummingson and Nick Parry
Hummingson Entertainment

Talent shows proliferate the TV schedules all over the world, but few contestants successfully manage to translate this all too transient celebrity into meaningful artistic endeavour. Most shrink into obscurity. There are few Harry Styles or Susan Boyles.

In 2008, Alexandra Hummingson caught the imagination of TV viewers in Sweden with her all female ensemble Dollies, performing upbeat covers of Dolly Parton numbers. This stock repertoire belied a renaissance talent, driven unusually not by the desire for celebrity for celebrity’s sake, but by her love for the craft of creating. In little over a decade since, she has become a prolific composer (Sony/ATV), movie actress (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, 2011), Artistic Director (Christinehofs Theater, Sweden), and published poet.

Hummingson’s intriguing journey since youthful celebrity has undoubtedly required resilience. From composing music to order which perfectly encapsulates a corporate brand’s image, to recent work drawing on deeply traumatic events in her own life, Alex will explore how and why she has increasingly found courage to allow her voice to be guided from within and not from without. Why the act of creating has been her salvation.

The host for this intimate discussion will be television director Nick Parry.

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