Wes Plate

Wes Plate

Ultra Marathon Runner and Creative Technologist

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Ultra Running - Endurance and Creativity

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Wes Plate started his career as an editor working on regional and national TV commercials. In the late 1990s his complex workflows led him to partner with his father Harry Plate, who was a software engineer, to create a plug-in that translated Avid timelines into Adobe After Effects. This plugin turned what was a multi-hour manual process into a few clicks that took only seconds.

Wes and Harry’s company, Automatic Duck, soon became the main producer of timeline translation software used by video editors around the world. Today in addition to working in tech designing one of the world’s most popular video editors, Wes has become an accomplished ultramarathon runner. He has run many ultras ranging in distance from 50km to 240 miles, and his YouTube channel helps other inspire other runners by sharing his race experiences.