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Rhea Allen

Culture and Branding Expert

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Join culture and branding expert, a marketing industry leader, adjunct marketing professor, an international keynote speaker, Rhea Allen as she provides this presentation based on her nearly 20 years of experience as a President and CEO of an award-winning creative and digital marketing/ad agency that’s performed professional marketing and creative services all over the world. She will provide an authentic and supportive atmosphere in which learners are encouraged to deeply reveal themselves in order to manifest a truly meaningful personal brand that effectively communicates their core values, principles, and professional superpowers.

She is the host of the Marketing Expedition Podcast and not only the Co-founder of Peppershock Media, but also the founder of the Marketing Expedition Community, an online subscription-based platform where members gain invaluable insights, the latest trends in marketing, forum support, ideas and inspiration for building brands and bottom lines for both personal and company brands. She has a distinct style in which she provides encouragement, coaching, and feedback. She tends to promote a supportive environment and facilitates the creative process for all walks of life while participants pursue their goals of successful personal brand creation and corporate brand alignment from the inside out.

Rhea "Ray" Allen is the founder of www.TheMarketingExpedition.com powered by Peppershock Media, the company her husband Drew Allen co-founded with her in 2003, they have two boys Emerson & Kaden and enjoy the great outdoors!