Maxim Jago

Maxim Jago

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Maxim Jago is an infectiously energetic creative media technology speaker, author and public speaker.

As the author of over 30 media technology books and video courses, he has trained many creative and technology innovators to excel in their field. He is also an award winning screen writer and film director.

As a life-long student of philosophy, Maxim blends his coaching, corporate experience and quintessentially British gentlemanly humour to present, discuss or solve complex challenges and act as an enabler for anyone with a curious learning disposition.

Maxim’s interest is in the principles that are the meeting point for life's multiple disciplines, where function, design, group purpose, architecture and social change meet and blend.

Maxim provides consultancy to enable individuals, groups and organisations to obtain clarity and plan ahead effectively.

Maxim is Chief Futurist for Curve Reality, and Chief Innovation Officer for FilmDoo.