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Chris Bobotis, former Director of Immersive at Adobe where he lead the company’s Immersive Media efforts. Chris is an Advisor, Mentor, Keynote Speaker and co-founder of Mettle & MettleLabs He is the software architect for the SkyBox suite of 360˚ video and cinematic VR tools, which Adobe acquired from Chris’ company Mettle.

Chris started his career as a Creative Director in Advertising. He co-founded Mettle in 1992 as a Creative boutique to top tier Advertising Agencies & Film Production Companies across North America. In 1996, Chris led the efforts on a software division to facilitate content creation in Media & Entertainment. The first product was licensed by Adobe in 2008 for inclusion in Adobe Creative Cloud products.

Encouraged by this success, Mettle created software for Immersive media. In 2015, this series of products transformed the nascent 360˚ VR video industry. Namely, their SkyBox software plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, providing a dedicated toolset for Immersive content creation. As part of the acquisition, Chris joined Adobe as Director of Immersive. While at Adobe Chris oversaw tech transfers, formed engineering teams and worked closely with Adobe Design & Research to help bring tools like Content Aware Video to Immersive Content Creation and helped bring Immersive tool support to products like Photoshop etc. In the 2 years at Adobe, Chris garnered Immersive media support in the most popular products in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Having successfully met all obligations at Adobe, Chris chose to continue his work in Immersive media. He is currently advising several companies and leading the efforts on “3DNA” at MettleLabs.”3DNA” is Mettles' proprietary Spatial Computing Framework.