Bob Chiang

Bob Chiang

Mindfulness Coach, Hypnotherapist, Tai Chi Instructor

Mindfulness Coach
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Bob Chiang is a Mindfulness Coach, Hypnotherapist, and a Tai Chi Instructor.

He is an L2 Coach in the Unified Mindfulness system developed and taught by Shinzen Young, which covers the breadth as well as depth in contemplative practice. In mindfulness, Bob leads a weekly group sitting for people wishing to learn and practice. He also leads a monthly meeting for teachers and facilitators of meditation and mindfulness to discuss and deepen their skills and practice for the benefit of their students.

Bob works with people from all walks of life, helping them manage the difficulties they are experiencing by using mindfulness as a way to learn more about themselves. He runs courses for groups of learners at all levels, has hosted one day Tai Chi events for a more in-depth look at the art, and teaches workshops for corporate clients.

The Tai Chi form he teaches is the Yang-style short form. He has been teaching for 20 years. There are many subtle layers to the Tai Chi movements, health benefits in terms of relaxation and fitness, physically as well as mentally.

He loves to connect with people and to share useful strategies to allow people to overcome their barriers and work towards their goals.

He became interested in Hypnotherapy whilst training as an NLP coach, one of the modules was on Hypnosis and the works of Milton Erickson. As a hypnotherapist, it has opened up another dimension to working with people. The mind has so much potential and endless creative possibilities.